Tell us about your experience…

Hi Werner,

I wanted to say thank you so much. Not only for assisting with the sale of Roman Road, but for everything you do. I chose you as the agent not only because I knew you could do the job, but because I felt you earned the commission in everything you do for Obs. I partly fell in love with Obs originally following your detailed property postings – taking viewers through the houses 🏡 room by room. I value so much your active citizenry contributing to OBSID over the years, to arts and culture projects, and continuing to fill the gaps with your own projects till today. You have helped to keep the sense of if place of Obs, and create value in Obs – for which you deserve every cent of your commission and more.

I’m going to miss Obs so much – but am really enjoying  my new phase of life in Paarl, and take so many lessons with me – my Neighbours think I am very strange cleaning the street of litter and leaves with the local people in need 🙈🤗 A little bit of you, and Obs has come to Paarl 🙂

Jodi Allemeier                                                            – Owner/Seller of 23 Roman Road, Observatory

- Saturday 07/08/2021

Hello Werner, 

Even though I moved out of SA since 2014, I still follow your work through your emails, you are by far the best estate agent I ever dealt with. Btw I was myself a registered, licensed real estate agent when I was living in Miami and the state exam is not easy

Best regards 

Roberto Caprio

- Thursday 05/08/2021

Dear Werner, 

Thank you so much for your dedication and guidance during this process it was an absolute pleasure working with you!  

We hope everything goes smoothly. 

Have a great weekend.

Amy Jacobs

- Friday 30/07/2021

Dear Werner,

 Thank you for your kind reply.

 I truly appreciate the way the property is presented on your website.

It’s the first time it happens to me, here in Cape Town, to have the access to all the useful information about a property, even before viewing it.

Honestly, I was close to tears when I saw the floor plan, and I saw it was respecting the real measurements, and those measurements were even written down, and the North, the main walls… if only there were also the height of the ceilings, I guess you could have easily move from ‘contemporary RE hero’ to ‘pure love’.


I’m joking, but my appreciation is more than serious.

Thank you for your accuracy.

 About the property: yes, I’d like to view it, please. 

Best Regards.

Marta Gobbo

- Thursday 15/10/2020

Hi Werner.

Congratulations! To us, yes, but also to you for getting us such a great price on our house in such turbulent times.
We’re impressed, thankful, and very happy! We were honestly expecting to have to sit on the house for a lot longer, and to have to (eventually) settle on a much lower price.
Thank you so much for your amazing efforts and persistence in selling our house!

Now for the last few little bits of paperwork… 🙂


Steve Barnett

- Thursday 09/07/2020

Hi Werner 

Love your videos and the extra care you take!  

Thanks so much!

Claire Jaynes

- Tuesday 07/07/2020

Hi Werner

Ek wil net sê ek is baie beïndruk met hoe jy jou mark hanteer. Jy is die enigste agent wat ek sien wat die moeite doen om so ‘n email aan al sy kliente te stuur. En wat jy voortsel met die 10% korting reeds ingelsuit maak ook sin. As ek in die mark was sou ek definitief kom aanklop het.

Maar wie weet ek hou steeds jou huise dop, dalk vir ‘n ‘omswaai’ om saam met iemand te doen.

Wens jou alle sukses toe.

Kind regards

Didi Opperman

- Monday 04/05/2020

Hi Werner,

My mom forwarded me your newsletter and I just watched your video. It’s fab. Thank you for putting it together, I really enjoyed it!


Lara and Brett (10 Crown Street)

- Tuesday 28/04/2020

Hi Werner

Baie dankie vir jou effort hier ook. Ek is bly ek het jou die mandaat gegee.

Dit was ‘n plesier om met jou te werk, jou betroubaarheid en ‘commitment’ om die plek te verkoop.

Vriendelike groete,

Eddie Venter

- Friday 20/09/2019

Dear Werner

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday and a weekend of lovely celebration.

Many thanks for your excellent attention and the successful sale.

Warm regards


Sent from my iPhone

Martie Krone

- Saturday 02/03/2019

Thanks for you mail. Your video is very helpful.

Please include me on communications for property in and around Cape Town CBD.

Kind regards

Nikita Bandli

- Monday 27/11/2017

Hi Werner,

Thanks so much for your informative website – really appreciate the floor plans and videos! Gives so much more insight + look & feel.

Have a lovely day further,

Andrea Morgan

-Tuesday 24/10/2017

Hi Werner,

Thanks for this very thorough assessment – good to have.

Many thanks

Kate Ribet

-Saturday 19/08/2017

Dear Werner

Thank you, it’s been a great process so far!

Thank you once again for excellent and professional service. I look forward to recommending you to any other prospective sellers in Observatory.


Reuben Roberts

-Tuesday 28/02/2017

Hi Werner,

Thank you very much for the above information – I am always far more grateful of a comprehensive email from an agent that supplies information such as floor plans rather than a phone call that tries to hook me in for a short notice viewing, which I usually am unable to attend.

Alex Tarr

-Thursday 02/02/2017

Dear Werner

Thank you for your rapid and extremely professional service, and following up so quickly with the remaining details. I’ll always be sure to recommend you.

Best wishes

Dominic Chadbon

-Friday 17/06/2016

Hello Werner,

Thank you for your reply to my e-mail enquiry. You are the first Cape Town agent who has replied to me with a genuine personal interest, and I appreciate that very much.

I am a serious buyer looking to buy a house in Observatory as my daughter, Jenna, is studying there. I have found the rents exorbitant and would rather buy a place than rent….

I look forward to doing business with you.

Kind regards

Zak Zuccaro

-Saturday 04/06/2016

Thanks Werner,

We ended up buying in Claremont.

Thank you for all your info.

We found that you supply an excellent service in terms of detail of a property you are selling.

If we look in Obs again we will certainly approach you.


Glen Millar

-Thursday 26/05/2016

Hi Werner

Just thought that I would compliment you on your effort in all the pictures and information given on your buildings for sale.The detail is fantastic. As an investor I am always worried about the rental return and very few agents give this info.-which means that I have to contact them(probably what they want an investor to do).

Hope this makes you feel that your website is worth the trouble.I do look at it.

Graeme Hall

-Thu 25/02/2016

Hi Werner,

Just wanted to take the opportunity to say thank you for helping to make the process of purchasing our new house in Obs relatively calm, and carefree.. And for putting us in contact with De Mink Financial Services. We would’ve been hopeless with out them!

All is going smoothly and final registration is set for the 1st March! Of which I am sure you are aware.

Thank you again!

All the Best,

Sebastian Basler

-Mon 15/02/2016

Thanks Werner!

I’d like to congratulate you for being by far the most easy to deal with, professional and up front agent I have come across.

Most other agents are a complete nightmare. Thank you for your good work and all the best!

Josch Thilo

- Sat 09/01/2016

Hey Werner, nice to hear from you. i still get your email regularly and go through the offers to see what sells in Obs. We live in Miami, Florida now (got remarried two years ago) but might move back to Europe in a couple of years from now. Still a little piece of my heart is in Cape Town and Obs 🙂

You were by a long shot the best estate agent i dealt with in South Africa!


Roberto Caprio

- Wed 14/10/2015

Werner – jy was awesome soos ‘n Agent Ninja!

Quick & painless to the point with some extra valued advice making sure we all on the same page throughout the process 🙂

Baie dankie!

Kind Regards

Bernard Fourie

- Tue 23/06/2015


I’m always impressed by the house plans that you have on your website for the properties you market.


Anton Twigg

- Thu 11/06/2015

Thank you, Werner, for a great service, as always.


Shelley Epstein

- Sat 30/05/2015

Thank you.

We hope that you would do business with us in the future once we have been able to secure liquid funds for costs….we really appreciate your insight and advice.


Dr Ashley Petersen

- Wed 22/04/2015

Hi Werner

Thank you very much for all of this. I wish all agents gave this much info!

Let me know if we can do tomorrow otherwise Wednesday or Thursday will be best for me in the evening.

Best regards

Graeme Saggers

- Sun 05/04/2015

Ok, thanks for prompt reply!
Eric Judd

- Mon 20/01/2014

Hi Werner

Baie dankie vir die spoedige terugvoer.

Ons kyk heeltyd na jou webwerf, maar dit lyk nie of ons nuwe eiendomme daar kry nie. Maar ons hou ook ‘n oog op jou Facebook blad.

Baie dankie weereens en ons sien uit om oor nog eiendomme te hoor.

Lekker aand verder.

Vriendelike groete

Kobus Visser

- Thu 22/01/2015

Thanks werner for keeping us in the loop and for all your assistance so far. It’s been a nice experience working with you.

Have a nice weekend,

Inge Steinhoff

- Fri 06/03/2015

Thank you, Werner for great service and being so professional.

All the best.

Keith Adrian Mienies

- Fri 27/02/2015

Hi Werner

Thanks for the updates on property in Obs.

This information is indeed very helpful for me.

Looking forward to seeing you at properties in the future.

Kind regards

Liz Swersky

- Fri 13/02/2015

Hi W

Thanks for the good work

We got more than expected .

Must admit I started to worry yesterday that perhaps we under-priced the
house hence the response .

However having considered all things done I decided to err on the side of
caution and take the deal , it’s still more than I expected and you
delivered above the expected price So u delivered and well done.
Well done Werner.

You doing great work.

Zahier Amien

- Fri 05/12/2014

Thank you Werner for your assistance and speedy processing of the purchase. It has been a pleasure.
Justin Faulmann

- Friday 19/10/2019

Morning Werner

Thanks for the reply and the video. We watched the video. Unfortunately this property is not going to work for us.

Just a comment on the video. It was really great and gave us exactly what we wanted to see. Although this is not the property for us, it definitely saved us time that we would have spent driving to the property. So Thanks for that.

Michael Steyn

- Wednesday 17/10/2018

Dear Werner

Thank you for your advice and good work done. You are the best agent I ever met.



- Wednesday 01/11/2017

Hi Werner,

Thank you so much. We watched a few of your walk-through videos and really enjoyed them, they give a great sense of the properties.

Kind Regards,

Jeanine Joubert

-Saturday 07/10/2017

Dear Werner

Thank you again for the feedback. Really, I don’t regret for chosen you as my agent.


Abegail Lebenya

-Friday 18/08/2017

Hi Werner,

Thank you for your mail. Thankfully all went smoothly.! Once again, thank you for your outstanding service. I will be sure to drop your name when asked for recommendations…

Heidi Warricker

-Thursday 09/02/2017

Love your newsletters and website Werner! The big multi nationals can learn a lot from you. Good pics, relevant info and detailed.

Keep up the good work. I will go out of my way to use your agency, if possible.

Take a bow.

Best regards and success for you and your business.

Theunis de Jong

- Monday 23/01/2017

Hi Werner

So impressed with your marketing. Photos look great. Very excited for Sunday.

Best wishes

Kershwyn Bassuday

-Friday 19/08/2016

Baie dankie vir jou absolute professionele diens.

Ek vertrou dat alles van hieraf, volgens plan sal verloop.


Wallace Mc Kaiser

-Wednesday 15/06/2016

Good Morning Werner,

Well Done. If ever I have a property to sell, I will be sure to contact you first.

Kirtikant Patel

-Sunday 05/06/2016

Werner, Thank you for your newsletter and update of the properties in our areas. This is so pertinent and topical. It is really appreciated.
William Burnell

- Mon 14/03/2016

Great. Thanks once again, Werner.


From: Werner Steyn
To: Tanya; Rob
Sent: Tuesday, February 23, 2016 10:42 AM
Subject: RE: Observatory

It is a pleasure Tanya,

I’m happy my plan worked.

The lawyers will take over from here and be in touch. It will involve signing of documents which may be more complicated because you are in another country.

My job is basically done. I am however arranging for the certifications as is required in terms of the agreement.

Let me know when I can assist you further.

Kind regards.

Werner Steyn

Werner Property Agents

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Office 00 27 21 447 78 38
Fax 08 66 715 084 (SA only)
Skype werner.capetown
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From: Tanya
Sent: Tuesday, 23 February 2016 5:32 PM
To: Werner Steyn ; Rob
Subject: Re: Observatory

Dear Werner,

Thank you for your work in assisting with this sale. We are greatly appreciative of your time and expertise.

Please could you remind me of what the next steps are? It has been a while since I sold a property in SA!

Kind regards,


-Tue 23/02/2016

Hi Werner

Thanks for your thorough reply.

Sonja Hofmann

-Sun 07/02/2016

Thank you for the news letter, i will recommend you to others for your helpful service.
Amanda Austen

- Thu 26/11/2015

Thank you for all your help in selling the house.

It was quite a smooth process.

See you soon.


Ricardo Sá

- Wed 24/06/2015

Hi Werner,

Dankie dat jy so gereeld vir ons die beskikbare huise laat sien, jou PR is puik.

Hillette Stapelberg

Hillette Stapelberg

- Thu 18/06/2015

Dear Werner,

Yes, they are friends of ours. When they were talking about selling we recommended you heartily and sent them your contact details. So glad you were the one to find the buyers – I’m sure it will come through!

It’s a pleasure! And it’s an easy thing to do, since you are clearly the best!!

Warmest regards,

Aoife Lennon

- Wed 10/06/2015

Dear Werner,

Thank you for your response. I appreciate the fact of getting back to me so promptly – much better service than a lot of your competitors out there!

Neil Swire-Griffiths

- Fri 15/05/2015

So waar as wragtig….dankie Werner jy is n top agent….as ek n eiendom magnaat was sou jy hulle almal behartig het.
Lorenzo Brocchetto

- Tue 07/04/2015

HI Werner

Dankie vir jou puik diens sover


Lekker easter

Lorenzo Brocchetto

- Thu 02/04/2015

Hi Werner

Thanks so much, I’ve enjoyed looking at your site because your listings are so detailed and so I often wished you covered more areas!

We bought in Kenilworth. Conversely to my last statement, we thankfully didn’t have as much competition for the house as is usual for that area because the agent’s pictures didn’t do the property justice!

Many thanks,

Erin Jegels

- Mon 07/07/2014

Thanks. And thanks for being so prompt with your reply.

Kind regards,

Perry Harrison-Hyde

- Mon 26/01/2015

Thanks Werner……….jy het darem wragtig veel meer hup in jou stap as ons ander agent.


Lorenzo Brocchetto

- Fri 06/03/2015

Werner – thanks.

We have appreciated your professionalism and efficiency, so thank you.

Landon Myer

- Wed 25/02/2015

Werner, I know who to contact in future.

Well done. You doing great work.

Ryan Martin

- Tue 03/02/2015

Hi Werner

Thanks for the very detailed reply, I am very impressed at the amount of effort put into it!!! THANKS! most property agents lately have an attitude of they dont care, never get back to you, and just come across as uninterested in selling the property.

Will see to pop in on sunday.

Kind Regards,

Nizaam Lakay

- Fri 11/10/2013

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